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Twisted Sister is owned by sister company Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre and operated by Graham Matthewsand his team. His experience includes many years in the fitness industry and over 21 years in the New Zealand Police.

Having reached high rank and having command of a whole police area incorporating 12 stations and NZ's largest geographical police area, his career spanned both uniform and CIB branches with 12 years in the CIB managing serious crime investigations.

His 11 years of experience in Armed Offenders Squads in New Zealand includes Inspector in Charge of the Waikato Armed Offenders squad for a number of years.

This experience is of significant benefit with the “team building” and “leadership” components of our corporate experience and with designing a course that will challenge you both physically and mentally while engendering team spirit.

With support from other ex-police officers and highly qualified fitness professionals,all of whom is first aid and CPR qualified, you are in safe hands.


Twisted Sister is a group fitness session combining the fun of boot camps and the challenge of overcoming fears, knowing you have the support of your team members. It is the permanent obstacle course of its kind on the Gold Coast. You no longer have to travel to the back of beyond to do a true obstacle course. It’s outdoors, it’s challenging, it’s great fun and it’s the Gold Coast's latest craze.

Although designed for teams of 4 to compete against others, you can enter the individual challenge events and prove just how “twisted” you are by doing the whole thing on your own.

Teams should have at least one girl to qualify for any prize events that occur, otherwise teams of just guys can smash it out anyway.

You’ll be walking over unstable beams, flipping truck tyres, relocating crane tyres, climbing down ropes, under barbed wire, through tunnels and through our feature “washing machine” obstacle. As if that’s not enough you will have to lug sand-bags and other objects around whilst retaining enough energy to run between courses.


We are based at Hope Island on the northern end of the Gold Coast only 5 minutes from the 4 Theme Parks and just a 5 minute drive from the M1 (see map).

We are on the corner of Hope Island Road and Activa Way. You’ll find us in the Tennis Club grounds as you head towards The Links Golf Club.

Within 500m of us you will find conference rooms, restaurants, accommodation, taverns, a supermarket and of course the Gold Coasts most boutique gym, the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre and plenty of fantastic tennis courts.



Twisted Sister
is based at

P: 07 5510 9996