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I am a Tough Mudder freak and I love smashing myself. I have been looking everywhere for a way to train for the bigger events and found Twisted Sister. This is the most awesome way to push yourself and get conditioned for Tough Mudder, Stampede, Warrior Dash and all those crazy events.
Twisted Sister is a solid workout for all levels of fitness and the thing I loved about it is the fantastic team spirit it engenders along with a competitive edge.
The tunnels were the hardest part and I was amazed at the huge array of obstacles the three courses offer.
If you are keen on a physical challenge with a difference you HAVE to do twisted sister!
— Roy


Twisted Sister is the most amazing boot-camp, obstacle course I have ever done. I’m a bit of a fitness junkie and I have attended probably most of the boot camps the Gold Coast has to offer and I can honestly say that I have never had such a great workout and had so much fun.
I have told all of my friends about Twisted Sister and I hope they will all come because it is right on our back doorstep and I don’t think any gym could ever put such a fantastic challenge together. This course is permanent, it’s crazy and it’s cheap! I paid twice as much to do a crap boot-camp the week before I did Twisted Sister. Value for money, nothing beats it.
— Sarah McKenzie


I am a personal trainer and I recently took most of my clients to compete on Twisted Sister at Hope Island. Without exception, they all enjoyed the course and it was great to see them all working together and helping each other through each obstacle. It has everything from barbed wire crawls, carrying sandbags, climbing tyre walls, descending down ropes to running. It’s awesome.
If you have a sports team, work group or bunch of mates I can strongly recommend Twisted Sister. It will give you a great workout and you can meet other like-minded people along the way.
The team at Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre run Twisted Sister and do a fantastic job of making you welcome and making sure your experience is great fun.
— Chris Hope


I’ve done Twisted Sister almost every weekend since it opened. I have a group of friends who do it with me and we did all three courses in succession recently. Now that was definitely “twisted”. The tyre tunnel is really tight and when you finish you’re smashed.
I would definitely recommend it to others. The more the merrier !
— Josh Carter


Twisted Sister is the most awesome obstacle course and it is right in the middle of Hope Island. You don’t have to drive out to the middle of nowhere to do a combat course because this one is in suburbia at the northern end of the Gold Coast.
If you want to have the most amazing work-out and do it with a team, this is the best you will get. Before doing Twisted Sister I researched what other obstacle courses were around and aside from a couple of lame portable type courses there was nothing.
I can highly recommend Twisted Sister to anyone wanting a great workout that is the most different fitness experience around.
— Zach Curtis


Twisted Sister Obstacle Course builds strength and fitness and keeps things interesting by incorporating lots of adventurous activities in the outdoors. Working in teams allows for camaraderie, teamwork and lots of laughs along the way. I really enjoyed the challenge of climbing walls, scrambling over tyres and crawling through the sand. It was an interesting course that tested me physically and pushed me harder than a regular gym workout. I love the fact that Twisted Sister has thought of a novel way for regular people to exercise. I encourage those who enjoy adventure and want to get fit and strong to get out there and try it!
Laura Maas


Twisted Sister really tests you both physically and mentally and is great for strength and fitness training. It's a refreshing change to exercise in a team atmosphere, and we had so much fun we plan on doing the course on a regular basis.



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