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Event Dates: Every Saturday 8:00 am
Every Wednesday 5:30 pm
Subject to sufficient team registrations.
Other days are available if enough teams are registered.

$20 per person

  Teams of 4
  Those under 14 years of age must have a waiver
    signed by a parent or guardian
Event Details:
  Event takes 1 hour
  Points are awarded for every obstacle
    the team completes
  Event includes running, crossing unstable beams
    flipping tyres,carrying weights and sandbags,
    climbing fences, descending ropes, climbing
    tyre fences, crawling under barbed wire, team
    object carrying, tunnel events, negotiating the
    flagship “ringer machine”, negotiating walls
    and much more.
  See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

What to bring:
  Old sports clothes
  Cross trainers (not your best ones)
  Plenty of attitude!
  $$ for entry and snacks at the shop
  (Optional: gloves for carrying and climbing,
     knee pads, team uniforms)


is based at:

P: 07 5510 9996

or phone 07 5510 9996
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Phone: **
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Preferred Date:
Team composition:
Team of 4 (includes girl)
All guy team
Partial team
      (can't quite get 4):

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Download insurance waiver here (compulsory for all participants)